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maddiesaywuhh's Journal

uhh...my names madison
people call me maddie
i dance all the time
i hate people who steriotype dancers
im pretty laid back
my schools ok
i am absolutley crazy in love with hary potter
(the series)
the jonas brothers are way hot
BOOKS: twilight, new moon, eclipse, harry potter, flowers in the attic, the lakehouse(not the movie), when the wind blows
MUSIC: FOB, the jobros, azure ray, natalie walker..and tons more
people tell me im loads different if i actually get to know you..
umm im really crazy wild mostly with people i dont know or like
and normally im really mellow and honest with people i do
i hate people who automatically think im a biyatch...
BE COOL IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER....BI YAI YATCH haha, the, mexican, guys, pushing, the ice, cream, carts, :D